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Eating is a basic necessity. We all do it, every day. Therefore, to save our planet, we believe that the real revolution lies in agriculture – food is the way. Currently, modern industrial agriculture relies on annual monocultures, toxic herbicides and pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and wasteful water use, all of which are depleting the topsoil much faster than it can replenish itself. This, in turn, comes with other significant costs: poor animal living conditions, disconnection from small farmers, tasteless and unhealthy food, and an absurd amount of food waste. We are certain that if we want to make a meaningful impact and save our home, changes in agriculture are crucial. And that's where Ecoterra comes in – an alternative that ensures animal welfare, minimizes food waste, protects agricultural workers, and innovates in practices that care for our soils. At Ecoterra, we do much more than produce food. We innovate and develop to ensure honest products, creating fair, replicable, and scalable production models. We collaborate with nature to build purposeful foods that are part of the solution, not the problem. 

We do it through fair trade practices. These include: fair, transparent, and formal contracts without fine print; fair (market-aligned) and on-time payment; securing the purchase of production (short, medium, and long term) to reduce uncertainty and prevent food waste; financial support to enhance sustainable production; and technical support to achieve the best production standards.

All Ecoterra eggs are Free Range, certified by Certified Humane®. The difference between the two systems is that Free Range ensures birds have access to irrigated pasture (2m² per bird), while Cage Free only ensures cage-free birds without access to the outdoors (0.14m² per bird).

The minimum purchase amount is 2 boxes of product. Payment is done via invoice.

Depending on where your business is located, we will work to schedule delivery in a timely manner. Contact us to get a quote.