Know Us


Ecoterra was founded in 2011 with the purpose of changing the industrialized agricultural production processes for the development of agro-ecosystems production, in order not to use external agents during the production of food of animal origin.

Our corporate mission is to go back to the origins in terms of egg production, and also provide an added value to our customers, with a sustainable production model, delivering a more natural and conscious alternative in terms of daily nourishment.

We look back and replicate the original processes, respecting the natural behavior of our hens with our free range raising system and with our way of working with our associated producers, shortening the gaps of economic inequality and providing a fair return for their work.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on being a company that is aware of its environment. A company that respects and takes care of the flora and fauna that provide us with the sustenance of our food. We seek to create harmony between what the earth gives us and the way we produce our eggs, going back to what is natural and sustainable.

We care from how our employees feel, to how to provide social support for our rural area.

Our Staff

Our staff has grown in time, professionalising and perfecting their techniques in order to provide a sustainable production system, with high animal welfare and of a high quality. We have various areas in order to achieve our purposes: administrative, operative, commercial and our associated producers.