Gallinar libres a Pastoreo

Free Range Hens.

Our hens graze in irrigated pastures and have a diet based on grains and green plants.

Our chickens have two square meters of irrigated grassland each, our meadows are not treated with herbicides or pesticides, in this way a part of their diet is based on vegetable matter and insects that coexist with our agro-ecosystem.

Natural Behavior

Our hens are free from cages and can develop their natural behaviors in and outside the henhouse.


Welfare Certification

Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is the international organization certifying non-profit global leaders who are dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals from birth in food production.

The program aims to improve the lives of farm animals which will drive the demand for kind and responsible practices.



These are in relation to five square meters of meadow per hen, and the have been handled naturally, no herbicides or pesticides added. Ecoterra, having a low density of hens, is not
in the necessity of administer antibiotics, providing a healthy, natural and nutritious product.