Fair For Life Certification

It qualifies us on fair trade. Carried out along with our associated producers and in our  corporate social responsibility. The certification body is IMO from Switzerland, recognized globally.

Our producers increase their profitability due to fair payment for their production, thereby we let them be more competitive so they are able to keep working and developing themselves at their farms.

5% of the purchase of eggs to our producers is contributed by Ecoterra to a fund in order to be used in the Fair Trade Price, a price that a committee formed by our producers and a representative of the employees of the company, once a year, decides to use it in a way so we can develop the community in which we work, in a sustainable way.


Partnership Model

We have developed a technological transfer system for farmers in our area in Paine to be able to establish a  system of free range hens under the Ecoterra model, with the continued support of the technicians of Ecoterra.
We buy our associated producers’ production, we offer them the technical support needed through monthly meetings and we sell them food for their hens at cost price so we can finally sell free range eggs under a fair price in sales channels, such as stores, retail and HORECA. Places where our producers would not be able to reach directly.
We are supported in our Partnership Model project by FIA, and we are associated with Indap.

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Our Producers

We work along with three associated producers from Paine: Marianela Belmar is an Herbalist; Josefina Contardo is a Poultry Farmer, and Guillermo Salinas y a Farmer.

Fair Trade Policy